No tomato sauce on these Stuffed Peppers.

I’m picky about my tomato sauce. Imagine that? The best sauce is home-grown tomatoes, and spending many hours sweating over a hot stove canning those tomatoes. – Now that is a perfect foundation for a great sauce. Unfortunately, I don’t can, nor do I have a garden. So, no tomato sauce on these Stuffed Peppers, but I bet you’re going to love em!

First, open a bottle of India Pale Ale (to drink), and plug in your favorite tunes. This is the most important part to cooking. Why do you think I enjoy it so much?

You’ll need: Green peppers, rice, eggs, lots of EVOO and garlic, a bunch of fresh chopped parsley, a little bit of Italian bread crumbs, ground beef (95% less fat because you’ll make up for it in the EVOO), and fresh grated Romano cheese. Because I always make anywhere from 4 to 8 peppers, I never measure out my ingredients. Come on, it’s all about eyeballing it, right? I can say I use less than a cup of rice and breadcrumbs. I go overboard with the garlic, parsley and Romano cheese. I use anywhere from 2 to 4 eggs depending on how much I need to hold together.

Stuffed Pepper, Photo by Jenny MacBeth

Chop up the parsley and garlic. Squish together with the rice, eggs, bread crumbs, ground beef and a little of the Romano cheese. Stuff your peppers with the mixture. Put into a baking dish, sprinkle with lots of Romano cheese and some more parsley. Lastly, drizzle the top of the peppers with lots of EVOO, and let it coat the bottom on the baking dish. Add fresh ground pepper and salt. Bake covered at 350 for 2.5 hours.

Serve with another India Pale Ale and enjoy. Dogfish is a good brand of IPA, and I always have it chilling.

Thanks for reading. Please share your ideas because this girl likes to eat.

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