Būk-it List

pittsburgh, photo by Jenny MacBeth

The following is a growing list of venues and events I want to experience the food and drink. Mostly, Pittsburgh restaurants since I live in the area. You can click on each link to view their web site. If it’s crossed out, you can click on it for my review.


  1. Avenue B
  2. Bado’s Cucina
  3. Bona Terra
  4. Casbah
  5. Crested Duck Charcuterie – Recommended by Nicole
  6. Cross Keys Inn
  7. Cure
  8. Del’s Bar & Ristorante DelPizzo click for review
  9. Dinette
  10. E2Recommended by Jennifer
  11. Eleven click for review
  12. Four Brothers Urban BistroRecommended by Tammy
  13. Habitat click for review
  14. Industry Public House
  15. Ladles KitchenRecommended by Cindy
  16. Legume
  17. Mia Madre TrattoriaRecommended by Monica
  18. Nine on Nine
  19. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
  20. Paris 66 BistroRecommended by Nicole
  21. Park Brugesclick for review
  22. Pavement Cafes, Paris, France
  23. Penn Brewery
  24. Pittsburgh Food Truck
  25. Porch at Schenley click for review
  26. Recipes RememberedRecommended by Val
  27. Salt of the Earth
  28. Savoy click for review
  29. Sieb’s Pub click for review
  30. Smiling Moose
  31. Soba click for review
  32. Spadafora’s click for review
  33. Spoon click for review
  34. Tessaro’sRecommended by Laird
  35. Union Pig & Chicken
  36. Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina
  37. Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar click for review

Any others I should try? Suggestions are much appreciated.

Pittsburgh Favorites

  1. Habitat
  2. The Porch at Schenley
  3. Meat and Potatoes
  4. Soba
  5. Park Bruges