Sieb’s Pub

Friday night, I headed out with my friend Carey to see a high school musical of My Fair Lady. It was amazing. Shout outs going to my other friend Monica’s son, Drew. Outstanding job as Colonel Hugh Pickering.

Before we headed to the musical, we had to eat of course. Carey introduced me to a family-run neighborhood pub called Sieb’s located at 3382 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237. The funny part is that it’s very close to me, and I never knew it. It reminded me of Ireland with all the Irish decor and live music. It’s more modern than an old Irish pub in Ireland, but had that same fun atmosphere.

live music, photo by Jenny MacBethThe place is pretty big with plenty of parking. Considering it was prime-time dinner hour on a Friday during Lenten season, the wait wasn’t long, however, we opted to sit at the bar.

bar wench, Photo by Jenny MacBethThe staff was friendly and outgoing. Our Bar Wench immediately greeted us, and was patient to help me decide on the perfect beer. Irish pub equals an Irish beer on tap. Smithwick’s was my choice for the evening.

Beer Battered Fish, Photo by Jenny MacBethThe menu has something for everyone with traditional flavors. It can take me a long time to make a food decision because I want it all. I didn’t even look at the full menu until I put my order in. I had the beer battered fish sandwich – deep fried and served on a kaiser roll with coleslaw. The fish portion is not overwhelming as some pubs. It is the perfect size without needing a To Go container.

Mini Crab Cakes, Photo by Jenny MacBethCarey had mini crab cakes – a creamy blend of seafood, rolled in breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with a chipotle ranch dipping sauce. Oh my lord! They were so good and I loved the sauce. I rarely find a good crab cake when eating out. I highly recommend you try this.

I’m definitely going back with the Boy. I want to try their aged white cheddar lobster mac & cheese. The menu description says, “Clumps of Succulent Lobster.” Doesn’t that just sound yummy? That’s moan-worthy without even tasting it.

And, for dessert, I need to try Sieb’s funnel cake fries served with different sweet dipping sauces. I hear their heavenly.

Sieb’s talented chefs and staff are worth a visit to experience yourself.

Yellow Tail Crudo, Photo by Glen Green


Spoon LogoFor my Birthday, the Boy took me to Spoon located at 134 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted immediately by an energetic host.

The menu has something for everyone with unique layers to each dish. I had to make a hard choice, but I’ll try something different next time.

Yellow Tail Crudo, Photo by Glen GreenFor starters we ordered the yellowtail crudo – thinly sliced raw yellowtail, marinated artichokes, red pepper coulis, and preserved lemons. A very subtle tasting dish.

duo of lamb, Photo by Glen GreenI had the duo of lamb – a olive crusted loin, braised shoulder, goat cheese and mushroom bread pudding, braised kale, and parsnip puree.

spoon burger, Photo by Glen GreenThe Boy had the Spoon burger – an 8 oz. Kobe beef, aged white cheddar cheese, Parmesan plus herb fries, on a challah bun.

Spoon Bar, Photo by Glen GreenFor dessert we shared the Spoon Bar – Bailey’s coco bar, milk chocolate nougat frozen mousse, and semi-sweet chocolate pudding. We wanted to order a second one, regrettably, we past. Of course, I ordered coffee with my dessert. They serve it in a French Press with thick cream. Just the way I like it. It was heavenly.

The atmosphere also is pleasing, a contemporary design with warm tones. A very intimate dining experience. Exemplary service. – I especially enjoyed the way servers described each plate as it was served.

Spoon’s talented chefs and staff is worth a reservation to experience yourself.