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Grab-N-Go, Mexican Stuffed Wraps

  This recipe was created for a Reynolds Wrap contest. Bummer, I didn’t win. Boo hiss. I’m over it, but WTH, right? The contest instructed to create a recipe using four ingredients from a list of foods they supplied, and of course, use Reynolds Wrap. You can double the recipe and freeze it for those …

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Citrus Bluemoon Summer Ale Pasta Salad

  This is definitely a unique and delicious pasta salad if I do say so myself. That, or it’s the two beers I drank whilst making this. Ha! Tip You can prepare everything in advance, however, mix it right before serving. Not sure why, but it tastes best the first day. You may not want …

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Top Secret’s Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing by Todd Wilbur

  Recently, our friend Val sent in a request, “Dear Girl, I just love the ginger dressing you get from Hibachi restaurants.  Any ideas?” Why, yes I do! Whenever I eat at a Japanese restaurant, I look forward to the ginger dressing; always requesting extra. I even use the dressing for dipping crusty breads, and …

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