Top Secret’s Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing by Todd Wilbur


Recently, our friend Val sent in a request,

“Dear Girl, I just love the ginger dressing you get from Hibachi restaurants.  Any ideas?”

Why, yes I do! Whenever I eat at a Japanese restaurant, I look forward to the ginger dressing; always requesting extra. I even use the dressing for dipping crusty breads, and sometimes I use it to marinade my Sunday roast, or pork chops. Yummy!

I’ve never been to Benihana, but I have tried “Top Secret Recipes version of Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing” by Todd Wilbur. It is the best dressing. Even better than the average ginger salad found in your local Japanese restaurant.

It’s easy to put together. Todd’s instructions say to use a blender. With using a blender, I’ve found that you need to do a little fine chopping. However, since finding my Immersion Blender, I toss the roughly chopped ingredients into a pot and go at it with my handheld wonder stick. Less clean up too (our least favorite effort to cooking).

Todd has a ton of great recipes to try. You should check out Top Secret Recipes for lots of cool ideas and tips.

Hey Val! Let me know if you try it. This is definitely a win-win dressing.

You can find this recipe here: Top Secret Recipes version of Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing” by Todd Wilbur.


Silicone Muffin Pan


One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is this silicone muffin pan. It’s easy to clean, and it’s hard to burn your muffins.

The pan is very versatile. It can be rolled up for storage. The pan can be used in the freezer, the microwave or the oven, and is dishwasher-safe. It takes only a minute or two to cool down after use. Another cool thing I like is that silicone bake ware is non-porous so it doesn’t retain odors or flavors.

Helpful Hint: The pan is flexible and should be handled with care. I place it on a tray or cookie sheet before filling it and taking it to the oven. Taking a filled muffin pan to the oven without doing so is very challenging to say the least.