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Magic Hat Black Lager Dark Chocolate Pasta Sauce

sauce, photo by Jenny MacBeth

  When creating a name for the recipes, I want to use every ingredient. All of those sound scrumptious. It’s Friday night happy hour at my house. Grabbed me a Magic Hat (or 2), and turned on Pandora’s Foreigner station. It’s not all Foreigner. It’s a mix of Journey, Bon Jovi, and a few others similar …

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Bacon, Egg and Smoked Gruyere Sandwich

  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I was craving a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. After work, I headed over to the grocer and saw, “Apple Smoked Gruyere.” Boy, did that pull me in. -Snatched it and tossed it in the cart without a second look. This is such a simple sandwich, yet …

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Meatloaf Twist

Bacon wrapped meatloaf, photo by Jenny MacBeth

A few months ago, I was watching Rachel Ray make a fabulous cob meatloaf. She finished it off with wrapping it in bacon. Since I love my meatloaf recipe, I simply stole the bacon idea, and added it to mine. It’s a great addition. Try it!    

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